Tom Abrams
Screenwriter, Director, Professor for Screenwriting and Directing at USC University of Southern California

Lisa Patricia Albert
Screenwriter, Executive Producer (»Mad Men«)

Max Annas
Novelist and Screenwriter (»Die Mauer«)

Graham Clegg
Screenwriter (»Murdoch Mysteries«)

Keith Cunningham
Screenwriter, Script Consultant, Lecturer and Non-Fiction Writer (»The Soul of Screenwriting«)

André Czauderna
Media Scientist, Program Manager at the Cologne Game Lab

Matthew Dench
Agent (Dench Arnold Agency, London)

Jimmy Desmarais
Producer Atlantique (»The Returned«)

Orkun Ertener
Screenwriter & Producer (»KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst«)

Christoph Fey
Lawyer (Unverzagt von Have / Showrunner Masterclass)

Marc Flanagan
Screenwriter & Showrunner

Gundolf S. Freyermuth
Associate Professor for Comparative Media Studies at the ifs, Co-Director Cologne Game Lab

Jörg Friedrich
Games Designer

Ingolf Gabold
Producer (»Borgen«), former Head of Drama / DR Denmark

Michael Gantenberg
Screenwriter (»Unter Verdacht«, »Ritas Welt«, »Nikola«)

Matthew Graham
Screenwriter (»Life on Mars«)

Jeppe Gjervig Gram
Screenwriter & Showrunner (»Borgen«, »Follow the Money«)

Lisa Gotto
Professor for Film History / Film Analysis at the ifs

Torsten Götz
Producer Letterbox/Studio Hamburg (»Back in Time«)

Julia Grünewald
Script Consultant, Head of Drama Dept. BKM

Florian Hager
Head of Program, FUNK

Markus Halberschmidt
Producer (»Unsere sonnigen Tage«)

Charles Harris
Screenwriter, Script Consultant, and Non-Fiction Writer (»Jaws in Space«)

Nicholas Hause
Screenwriter, Script Consultant

Nanna Heidenreich
Prof. for »Digital Narratives – Theory« at the ifs

Johannes Hensen
Head of Program Film Festival Cologne

Michael Henrichs
Producer (»Die Gesellschaft«)

Annette Hess
Screenwriter (»Weissensee«, »Ku’damm 56«)

Laurie Hutzler
Screenwriter, Lecturer & Script Consultant (»The Nine Powers«)

Frank Jastfelder
Head of Drama Production, Sky Deutschland

Mika Kallwass
Screenwriter & Script Consultant, Professor for Screenwriting and Dramaturgy at the ifs

Anette Kaufmann
Producer (»Letzte Spur Berlin«)

Jana Kaun
Commissioning Editor, ProsiebenSat.1

Uwe Kersken
Producer (»Alexander der Große«, »Ellis Island«), Honorary Professor (ifs Masterclass Non-Fiction)

Marc Lepetit
Producer for Fiction and Multimedia, UFA Fiction

Hagai Levi
Screenwriter & Showrunner (»The Affair«, »In Treatment«)

Swantje Lichtenstein
Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

Manuel Meimberg
Screenwriter (»Familie Braun«, »SOKO Leipzig«)

Katrin Merkel
Script Consultant (»Doctor’s Diary«, »Bettys Diagnose«)

Sylke Rene Meyer
Screenwriter & Script Consultant, Professor for Creative Writing (California State University, Los Angeles), former Professor for Screenwriting and Dramaturgy (ifs)

Rolf Mütze
Professor for Digital Film Arts at the ifs

Janna Nandzik
Screenwriter, Director, Producer (»About: Kate«)

Peter Nadermann
Producer / CEO of Nadcon Film GmbH (»The Team«)

Corinna Nilson
Actress, Pitching Trainer

Mary Kate O’Flanagan
Screenwriter & Script Consultant

Rachel O’Flanagan
Screenwriter & Script Consultant

Phil Parker
Screenwriter, Script Consultant & Non-Fiction Writer (»The Art and Science of Screenwriting«)

Sylke Poensgen
Commissioning Editor (»Der Lehrer«) / RTL

Sven Poser
Screenwriter (»Morgen hör ich auf«)

Yannick Posse
Screenwriter (»Der Lehrer«, »Nikola«, »Mein Leben und ich«)

Annette Reeker
Producer (»Cape Town«)

Joe Reinkemeyer
Screenwriter & Showrunner (»Law and Order«, »Andromeda«)

Jens Richter
Producer, CEO, FreemantleMedia International

Christiane Ruff
Producer, CEO ITV Studios Germany

Thomas Schlesinger
Screenwriter, Lecturer, Script Consultant

Carl Schoenfeld
Producer (»The Living and the Dead«, »My Brother Tom«)

Hajo Schomerus
Substitute Professor for Director of Photography / Documentary Film at the ifs

Michael Schwarz
Producer, Line Producer

Tobias Stille
Screenwriter, Director

Sebastian Stobbe
Script Consultant

Bastian Terhorst
Screenwriter (»Alles was zählt«)

Ama Walton
Lawyer, CEO Constantin Film / Music

Anna Levine Winger
Screenwriter (»Deutschland 83«)

Jörg Winger
Producer, CEO UFA Fiction

John Yorke
Producer, Commissioning Editor, Non-Fiction Writer (»Into the Woods«)

Johnathan Young
VP, original programming and production HBO central Europe

Torsten Zarges
Journalist, Producer, Agent (DWDL)

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