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»We’re all addicted. Learn to cope.«


Episode Length
30 min. episodes / 8 episodes per season

Pizza boxes, pee-bottles, cables everywhere. But as long as Jonah, 27, can still see the cat-gifs and YouTube videos on his screens, he’s fine. Unfortunately, Jonah is forced to leave his messy apartment when a SWAT team – sent by a rival online gamer – kicks in his door, drags him away, and takes all of his hard-drives. They find illegal downloads on his computer, so the judge sends him to Ranch Reunion – an internet addiction rehabilitation center in the middle of nowhere. No computer, no phone, no internet. Instead, there are group therapy sessions, where people cry about watching too much online porn, spending their retirement funds in World of Warcraft, and posting butt-selfies to look for outside validation on Tumblr. And all therapist Dr. Leyla Gaertner does is ask everyone, »How does that make you feel?«. Sounds fun, right? Jonah acts like he’s above it all and plays the bad boy, but nobody takes his childish exploits seriously. Out of options, Jonah slowly and reluctantly finds a place within the therapy group. He has to, considering he’s going to be stuck there for a while.