Auf Asche


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»When the war is over, another battle begins.«

Period Drama

Episode Length
45 min. episodes / 8 episodes per season

Munich, August 1945, three months after WWII has come to an end. The lack of basic goods like food leads to a booming black market. Since the Reichsmark has been devaluated heavily over time, the most appreciated currency and object of desire is now: The cigarette.
Life is hard, but family Dorns’ dinner table is always set. With her husband Ludwig gone missing in the war, Ella Dorn provides for her two daughters and her son by dealing on the black market – Ella makes the prices and exploits the people’s misery, much to the dismay of her oldest daughter Charlotte and the police. After a razzia, Ella decides to rebuild »Dorn’s department store« to use it as a legal front for her black market activities. The store belongs to her and her husband and was one of the biggest warehouses in Munich before it got bombed during the war. Throughout the course of the season we will see how Ella manages to rebuild the store using deceit and betrayal, while her family is drifting apart.
Embedded into the Dorns’ family story, »Auf Asche« is a series about the founding myth of Germany.