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»It’s unbelievable what could happen, if only you’d believe.«

Fantasy Thriller

Episode Length
45 min. episodes / 8 episodes per season

Brayden, Charlie and Tonka, siblings and skilled illusionists, perform feats that amaze audiences around the globe, but when Tonka discovers that their talents may not lie in their trained skills, but rather in their ability to perform actual magic, the world is shaken for all of them. As his skills develop, it becomes clear that Tonka is the prophesized key to the magic realm. He alone has the ability to share magical skills with the world, or take magic away forever. With the reality that everything in the world is more dangerous than it seemed, Tonka, Charlie and Brayden must attempt to understand an alternative chronicle of our past, while battling present day dark magicians set on destroying the future. Can they convince the world to believe in the unbelievable before it is too late? Set in Chautauqua, a high-end traveling magic show, »Believe« starts in the US and travels to global locations in later seasons. The sibling’s journey will provide magical explanations to the world’s greatest mysteries including the Lost City of Atlantis, the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Gardens of Babylon.