Corinne Le Hong


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»After spending a large part of my life on movie sets, I felt it was time to harvest. Writing series proved to be a logical continuation: their dramatic structure is challengingly complex, their character development extensive and their creation a collaborative process. I’m interested in (family) melodrama, thrillers, dark comedies, science fiction.«

Corinne Le Hong
Excellent East-West relations between Vietnam and Germany gave birth to Corinne. She worked as an assistant director on movies such as »Pina«, »Only Lovers Left Alive«, »A Most Wanted Man«. In 2006 her radio play »Pippa« premiered at the Leipzig Book Fair. Her short movie »Grimm’s Cuckoo« starring Devid Striesow and Petra Schmidt-Schaller premiered at Cannes in 2012. She is founder and CEO of the media translation agency Dubdolls. She is currently the showrunner of the series »Hail Helene«, funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.




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