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»Life’s a bitch«

Dark Comedy

Episode Length
30 min. episodes / 6 episodes per season

Lately, Bert Bruch, 45, sausage mogul, understands animals. However things are pear-shaped in his life. »Berts Wurstwunderland« – his global sausage factory – is struggling. This forces him to star in the reality soap »Secret Boss« and fly in his ex-wife Martha, 47, from Sydney to play happy family with their kids Victor, 21 and Kay, 15. The ensuing family crisis appears to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. When Bert demonstrates to potential investors how to stun a cow, the cow starts to beg for her life. He doesn’t let up, so the cow curses him and Bert accidentally kills himself with the stud gun. And wakes up as a DOG. With Bert’s brain and memory. As a dog he doesn’t understand other animals, only humans. He is taken in by a group of homeless people he so despised as a human. And while striving to reunite with his family, even as their pet dog, he meets the reincarnated Doberman Nero the Dog who lets him in to a secret which might return him to his human form.
»DOG« is the picaresque odyssey of a man becoming a dog. This radical change forces him to become a better man … if only he were still a man.