Grey Garden

»They’re watching us through the looking glass … from the other side.«

Gothic Horror

13 x 45 minutes

London, 1915. A father hands his daughter a farewell letter and climbs into a liberty truck, bound for war. But this is not his story. This is the story of his children: the twins, Evelyn and William, and their deaf, little sister, Gracie.

As soon as their father is gone, their stepmother pays off a civil worker and sends them to Grey Garden, a remote orphanage with a dark secret.

When little Gracie disappears one night, Evelyn follows a faint voice to the attic and discovers a dark mirror, a portal to another dimension. A mirrored version of our reality. A darker, more sinister, place.

After stepping through the mysterious looking glass, Evelyn reunites with her little sister, but now both are trapped in a reality very much unlike their own.

Together, through different worlds, the three Grayson children fight to reunite on our side, unaware that they are pawns in a dark ritual to awaken an ancient evil and bring about the end of both worlds.

»Grey Garden« is »Penny Dreadful« bleeding into the eerie, dark atmosphere of »Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban«. It’s Hans Christian Andersen having a secret love affair with the Brothers Grimm. It’s dark, it’s scary, but it’s not a ghost story. It’s a gothic tale of two worlds. It’s about abuse and empowerment, ethics and consequences.