Hail Hermann


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»Semester 1 – Webseries Project«
The MA program began with a cold opening: the students developed two web series collaboratively. And even though the project was meant to convey collaborative methodology and help the students explore their individual skills and knowledge, they also created two interesting series concepts – one of which has been continually developed throughout the following months, has found professional partners, and has already received funding.


Hermann, a drinking, swearing, atheist with a bad temper drives a taxicab. There is only one person in the world he really loves, his estranged daughter Michelle, who wants to have nothing to do with him. When Hermann learns of Michelle’s impending nuptials he is determined to mend the relationship and be a part of this important day. Desperate to give Michelle a huge wedding gift, Hermann has an idea. Instead of just taking his passengers from point A to point B, he also offers to solve all their life problems… for a fee. While on his mission, Hermann helps a zany cast of characters solve their problems in the least expected and most effective way. He helps a husband out of the doghouse by kidnapping someone else’s dog, he saves a desperate architect by blowing up a building and blaming it on revolutionists and he solves the problems of a downtrodden middle-aged man with an elaborate selfie scheme. There is no limit to the crazy ideas Hermann might come up with next. Throughout these shenanigans he keeps the meter running, col-lecting as much money as he can in hope of surprising Michelle by paying for her wedding.

Corinne Le Hong


Eduardo Pavez Goye
Tara Sapru