Juliana Lima Dehne

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»We’re storytellers by nature. Narrative is wired in our brains. Continuity is what facilitates humanity’s existence. Writing series is just a manifestation of what we’re built for: telling narrative stories that keep going. We all do it. I’m just lucky I get to do it professionally.«

Juliana Lima Dehne
Juliana Lima Dehne is a Brazilian-American award-winning screenwriter, producer and recipient of the German 2010 VGF-Stipendium. Writing/producing credits include: Brazilian children’s TV series »Learning to Read through Cultural Roots« (Interalia) and award-winning web series pilot »Over Lunch« (Dehne Lima Film / ARRI). Juliana is currently developing exciting new series for UFA Fiction, Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion in conjunction with BLS Racconti #4, UFA Serial Drama, Zieglerfilm Köln, among others.



The Queen of Hearts

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The Th3rds

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The Waiting Area

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Unclaimed Waters

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