Lilly Bogenberger

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»I used to love nothing better than telling good-night stories to my little brother. Then there was my passion for series – so what else could I have done other than write screenplays? So I am blessed and get to think up stories every day. Now my only fear is that people won’t fall asleep when I tell them.«

Lilly Bogenberger
Born in 92, is a German screenwriter. Even before graduating from the Serial Storytelling program, Bogenberger started writing for the TV series »Der Lehrer« (»The Teacher«). She now works as a screenwriter for German television. She writes for two film series and has several feature-length films and television series in development.



In einer Tour, In einer Tour Lilly Bogenberger, Lilly Bogenberger filmschule, filmschule köln, serial storytelling, drehbuch studium

In einer Tour

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Svenyur Tries To Get a Job

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The Poodle-Ripper, serial storytelling, filmschule köln, Marina Bendocchi Alves, Lilly Bogenberger, Cédric Kieffer, Nadine Schweigardt

The Poodle-Ripper

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