»The devil is a drag queen.«


10 x 45 minutes

»Lucyfera« is a serialized drama about Lucas (25), a young catholic man living in Medellín city who works as a journalist during the day and as »Lucyfera«, a drag queen, at night. In the beginning, Lucas enters this new drag world in order to get more information for his journalistic work. But here he discovers an unknown side of himself – and his real family, formed by criminals and mafia leaders. This family is in the middle of a political »mafia take over«: they want to get to the mayor’s office to gain power and to win a war with the other mafia families. Eventually, Lucas becomes a transsexual mafia leader. By the end of the story, this character doesn’t have an escape. Neither from his enemies nor from himself.

In the first season, young journalist Lucas wants to get Carlos Ochoa down, a criminal candidate running for mayor in Medellín. During this investigative stunt, Lucas finds out the truth about his family and finds himself involved with criminals and the mafia. In these new circumstances, Lucas’s choices lead him deeper and deeper into the night world: His newly discovered drag persona slowly starts to take over his life. And when he finds out who his father is, he decides to join the criminal path of his new family. His transformation is complete when he betrays his own mafia family to become a mafia leader himself. In the end, his true nature manifests in his physical transformation into a transsexual: Lucyfera, the ultimate mafia villain.

The universe and arena of the story are in fact a »drag so­ciety«, showcasing the rotten Colombian society, covering literally the glamour and pretentious smoke screens, a perfect metaphor for a drag show. As RuPaul says: »You were born naked and the rest is drag«. We dress mostly to complete or represent who we are, but sometimes we are just characters in society, like a fireman, a secretary, or a politician.

What you see isn’t always the truth. In society, we find all kinds of cross dressing: corrupted thieves dress as politicians, pedophiles dress as priests, criminals and dictators dress as government leaders, and (in this series) the devil dresses as a drag queen.

I would call this show a raw drama with elements of thriller and telenovela. Represented by saturated colours, vulgar characters and language. Sex and secrets. Sometimes even lewd and obscene. The main ingredients of the series are rejection, beauty, and lies – like in a good old fashioned family drama.