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»I write because art school didn’t want me. Joke. I’ve always written. I read tons of books as an adolescent and watched even more movies, but it took me 10 more years to realize that screenwriting is a job. Being rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts was part of the process, I guess.«

Marina Bendocchi Alves
Originally from Brazil, was born and raised in Munich. After digg­ing into Theatre Studies and getting a Bachelor’s degree out of it, she wrote and directed a socio-critical theatre play named »Shitty Shitty Plem Plem«, which was performed at the Pasinger Fabrik in Munich and is now being distributed by Zuckerhut Theaterverlag. Marina is currently working with four colleagues on the Drama Series »Norderfall« with UFA Fiction. The series was created by the German Track with Showrunner Michael Gantenberg as 2nd semester project.



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Give me that Becky

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Losing it, Marina Bendocchi Alves, Eric Bitencourt, Ana Khatchikian, Eric List, Ugne Pikutyte, Javiera Risco, filmschule köln, serial storytelling

Losing it!

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The Poodle-Ripper, serial storytelling, filmschule köln, Marina Bendocchi Alves, Lilly Bogenberger, Cédric Kieffer, Nadine Schweigardt

The Poodle-Ripper

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