Mats Frey


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»Being lost interests me. It also scares me. A lot. We found countless ways to distract ourselves from this sad feeling. We drink, we drown in work, or we find shelter in relationships. The brutal truth that the enlightenment taught us is that we have to find a purpose on our own. So I write stories. Funny and sad ones. Like life itself. And I drink.«

Mats Frey
Mats Frey was born in the year 1986 some-where on a mountain top in the snowy Swiss Alps. 2007–09 he worked as an assistant director for Condor Films in Zurich. After earning his BA in Film at the Zurich School of Arts in 2011 he worked as a freelance director for commercials. In 2013 he co-founded a consultant and production agency for visualizations and now works as a writer and director. In June 2015 he earned his MA in »Serial Storytelling« at the ifs internationale filmschule köln.



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