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»The show that gives Generation Y a voice – Even though it’s still hoarse from last night.«


Episode Length
30 min. episodes / 12 episodes per season

»MBA« is a half hour ensemble-comedy single-camera TV series. The show is about a group of four young adults of about thirty. They represent the Generation Y or the so called »Millenials« who are confused by too many possibilities of the modern world and are scared of all the responsibilities and decisions they will have to face as fully grown adults. And what is the best way to keep suppressing these things? – Exactly: Studying abroad! While a lot of the comedy comes from this never ending struggle against growing up, a lot of the drama stems from that problem as well. Over the course of the show the ensemble members learn more and more about their hidden fears and hopes. The theme of a lack of purpose will give the show a deeper emotional layer, which creates a contrast to the comedic parts. »MBA« is a series about the problems and joys of this ominous Generation Y which actually are just the condensed problems of the whole society – It’s about finding yourself, the struggle between inferiority complex and megalomania, the need of validation, borderline alcoholism, sexuality. And of course it’s about love.