»Between illusion and reality is only guilt …«

Psychological Thriller

6 x 45 minutes

»Norderfall« is a thriller mini series, set on a tiny island in the North Sea, where a group of former classmates meets to celebrate their 20th high school reunion. Soon they realize, that they aren’t at an ordinary class meeting but have become part of a perfidious revenge plan, which confronts them with a disastrous event from their schooldays: a murder.

Isolated from the outer world, more and more lies and se­crets about the graduation party are revealed. Six suspects are forced to face the truth, their self-delusions, unfulfilled desires and hopes, and above all: their part in the murder. Only one person will have to pay for what happened 20 years ago, but no one will leave the island as the person they were before.

»Norderfall« is a court in the middle of the sea; a court that no one can escape, because tides and the truth make it impossible. »Norderfall« is a psychological thriller – and the dark portrayal of a group crime.

»Norderfall« was developed during a six-week writers’ room project phase in the second semester under the direction of screenwriter Michael Gantenberg and script consultant
Katrin Merkel. The producers Markus Brunnemann and Marc Lepetit commissioned the further development of the series based on the first idea.

Marina Bendocchi Alves

Creators / Writers

Carolin Schröter