Pale Dots


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»Semester 3 – Writers’ Lab«
At the center of the 3rd semester was the extensive »Writers’ Lab«: Based on a »story world« the students developed two transmedia concepts, a linear series set in this universe, and the idea for a game.


»Pale Dots« explores humanity’s inherent hubris. We are created in God’s image. For centuries, this idea has been deeply ingrained in our being. But what if it was shaken? Because as it turns out, Earth isn’t the only planet that houses humans. The cosmos is full of autonomous human civilizations that carry out their life-spans without ever knowing about each other. Human civilizations always perish before their technological progress allows them to travel through interstellar space. Until now.
The introduction into the story universe of »Pale Dots« is a mini-series with ten 45-60min episodes: In 2294 A.D. huge warheads rip Earth into a billion chunks of rock. A single spaceship – the first of its kind – manages to escape the apocalypse and flees into deep space in hopes of safely reaching the nearest habitable planet: k-f186. When the last survivors of earth arrive, they quickly notice that something is not right. But before they can explore the new planet, they are surprised that the planet is already inhabited. And the most shocking fact of all: the natives are also human.

Peter Furrer