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»Not exactly the end of the world.«


Episode Length
60 min. episodes / 8 episodes per season / 3+ seasons

It’s 2015 in Paris, you’re a foreigner and you’re HIV positive. You’re also a parent, an attractive lover, or a great roommate. But you’re contagious, struggling to balance your need of intimacy and the fear of hurting the ones you’re close to. Fortunately, the English-speaking HIV Positive Anonymous Support Group is here for you. A weekly gathering of people who don’t know each other’s last name but have nowhere else to spill – or deny – their most intimate conflicts.
There’s Rita, a rabid American feminist – HIV negative, married both to the cause and to a positive man –, turning into a submissive housewife in trying to bring sex back into her marriage. Erik, an ambitious German conservative law student, whose life unravels when a random HIV test turns out positive – no, no way. This is impossible – until he finds who the fuck gave it to him. And Tahar, a secretive professional soccer goal-keeper from Morocco, trudging through an intrusion in his deserted sentimental life, as his position in the club becomes severely jeopardized.
Three separate daily lives that intertwine once a week. Until next time.