»Got a job for a real Viking?«


8 x 3 minutes

For a few days in the first semester, the exercise was to develop a web series collaboratively. That’s how Svenyur, the Viking, came to life!

Svenyur is down on his luck. His father sends him to the city to learn responsibility, dutifulness and especially: a craft. But, by unfortunate coincidence, on the way to the city Svenyur falls into a crack in a glacier and gets frozen. Centuries later he awakes, unaware of the fact that the world has changed around him. Still on his mission to learn a craft, Svenyur arrives in Cologne. And where do you go if you have to find an apprenticeship? The Agentur für Arbeit! The clerk responsible for finding a job for Svenyur is Bertha (40) who prides herself on having a flawless record: so far, each and every one of her »clients« was able to find work with her diligent help. So when Svenyur comes into her office wearing furs and a Viking-helmet, Bertha has no doubt that she will find a job, even for him. While trying her best as always, Bertha is sabotaged by her envious co-worker Karl. Little does Bertha know that over the course of the series, Svenyur will fail time and time again. Having no manners, no concept of the law, and especially vastly different ethical standards than modern-day people, Svenyur and his battle axe quickly reveal themselves as the ultimate nightmare of the average employer. As Svenyur stumbles through job interviews and trial days, hilarity ensues. But even as a bloodthirsty warrior, Svenyur’s bravery, toughness and honesty touch the lives of people around him.

Daniel Chaves Gómez

Creators / Writers

Carolin Schröter