The Poodle-Ripper

»A crazy Point-and-Click-Adventure«

Point-and-Click Adventure

Computer Game

After a night of heavy drinking, Anna McMuffin wakes up in 19th-century London. In order to get back to her old life in present age she has to solve the mystery of the Poodle-Ripper.

The goal of the project was to create a demo for an immersive and story-driven experience using comical humour and simple tools, making it attractive and entertaining for casual gamers. We wanted to explore the possibility to tell a linear or multi-linear story with interesting, but simple interactions and find out how the interactive aspect of a casual game influences the traditional rules of dramatic storytelling.

Using elements of the crime genre, we were able to experiment to which extent a classic »Whodunit« plot can be translated into a game. In addition to this, the project is a research study on Point-and-Click-Games, since the first games in that genre already tried to embed storytelling known from film and television into interactive experiences (see Lucasarts).

The project consists of a concept bible and a playable demo built in Unity.

Cédric Kieffer

Creators / Writers