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»Men are born with a position. Women fight for it.«

Political Period Drama

Based on the true story of Luise von Mecklenburg-Strelitz who married King Friedrich Wilhelm III at 17, »The Queen of Hearts« revolves around Queen Luise and her rise from a mere trophy-wife to, as Napoleon himself once put it: Prussia’s best minister. The series starts with the terrible news that Napoleon has executed an innocent French Duke, kidnapped from German soil. An affront to monarchs everywhere, Luise wants Prussia to take a stance. But nobody in Prussian politics, blinded by Prussia’s outdated neutrality strategy and the fear of losing their position by opposing the King, is willing to stand up to Napoleon. And as a mere Queen consort, Luise has no political power to effectively safe-guard Prussia. Luise will not only have to fight to ascend to power, but keep her husband’s trust while advocating against his policies, gain the respect from Prussian and European politicians alike despite prejudices and deal with the con-stant pressure of doing the right thing to adequately fulfill her role as Queen while breaking all rules to achieve her goal. A goal that propels Luise to start a fight she can never win.