The Th3rds


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»Semester 2 – Writers’ Room«
»The Th3rds« was developed under the direction of showrunner Morgan Gendel as part of a 6-week writers’ room. In this period of time they created the series bible and completed the screenplays for nine episodes. All rights related to the material are with the students.

Sci-Fi Crime Drama

Leyla is a smart, troubled woman who leads a double life that is robbing her of stability and sanity. Her life gets worse when she discovers the existence of a third species on earth with a mission to take over, a mission she unwittingly becomes essential to.
As her »good self«, Leyla is a world-class neurologist at a Berlin hospital. She is a peerless diagnostician, respected by colleagues, sensitive to the needs of her mentally impaired mother and doted on by her social-worker boyfriend. As her »bad self«, she is the operative known as Alyel, a driven woman who has use of extended parts of her brain with lightning reflexes, astounding cognitive skills, and the ability to harness her body’s electrical activity to influence others. But where do these skills come from?
How will those around her – lover, colleagues, patients, mother – respond to her increasingly »Hangover«-like behavior of waking up in strange places, missing important meetings and failing to remember all that is important in her life? Will Leyla learn that the true goal of this third species is to use her to achieve the end of the human race?

Krisi Olivero


Tara Sapru

Writers’ Assistant
Arno Stallmann

Guest Lecturer / Showrunner
Morgan Gendel