The Waiting Area


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»Semester 1 – Webseries Project«
The MA program began with a cold opening: the students developed two web series collaboratively. And even though the project was meant to convey collaborative methodology and help the students explore their individual skills and knowledge, they also created two interesting series concepts – one of which has been continually developed throughout the following months, has found professional partners, and has already received funding.


Marc should be on his way to New York City for a big audition to substitute a keyboard player for his idol, the famous rock star Jimmy »Cockroach« D, but instead finds himself stuck at the Frankfurt airport due to a volcano eruption that has blocked all air traffic. At the airport Marc meets Marissa, a Turkish-German airport employee who is fed up with her job, Andreas the uptight Chinese-French business man and Yuda the calm mysterious man from Togo who seems to be calm about everything. As time passes, tension rises and tempers flare as they all – except Yuda of course – begin to get sick of each other until the first take off is finally announced with limited space. Except Marc isn’t on the list! How far is Marc willing to go to make it to his dream audition?

Peter Furrer