Unclaimed Waters


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»Semester 3 – Writers’ Lab«
At the center of the 3rd semester was the extensive »Writers’ Lab«: Based on a »story world« the students developed two transmedia concepts, a linear series set in this universe, and the idea for a game.

Utopian Social Drama

The world is full of contradictions, but do contradictions always mean failure?
Founded on principles of freedom, brotherhood and non-discrimination, the Nations Undone Island is a safe place that belongs to no nation – a place where anyone willing to define themselves beyond their nationality is welcome. Now, as much as the inhabitants would like to believe differently, they too are confronted with nation-state type problems as the island begins to reach maximum capacity and they are forced to instate a lottery system to limit the number of newcomers. But how can an island where everyone is welcome turn people away?
Follow a journey of disarming paradoxes and difficult decisions as Emad, a persecuted Arab refugee desperately trying to bring his Israeli fiancé to the island, discovers that the only place in the world where they can be together safely is the place that is keeping them apart.

Juliana Lima Dehne